A number of our ancestors are known only by name, with few or no family details yet discovered.  They can be found in the notes about the families into which they married, as follows:

For Arnold see Kimbell;  for Ashcroft see Partington;  for Bailey see Bennett;  for Baldwin see Long;   for Ball see Warr;  for Beard see Smith; for Bussell see Long;  for Carter see Murkin;  for Cause see Mott;  for Clark(1) see Brain;   for Coates see Smith;   for Cooe see Bellamy;   for Cook(1) see Brettell;  for Cook(2) see Smith;  for Davison see Story;  for Deavol see Kimbell;   for Dimmery see Smith;  for Durham see White;  for Everard see Murkin;  for Far see Combes;   for Ford see Shipp;   for Fowler and Gardner see Long;  for Gazard see Collins;  for Greenhalgh see Whittle;  for Growtwych see Vaughton;  for Hammond see Sworder;  for Harding see Baker;  for Hardman see Whittle;  for Hathaway see Bennett;  for Heath see Brettell;  for Heathcoate see Lomax;   for Hobbs see Smith;  for Holden see Whittle;  for Hopkins and Horne see Baker;  for House see Dew;  for Humphreys see Scovell;  for Hunt and Hurst see Baker;  for Hydon see Long;   for Jackson see Baker;  for Jones see Brettell;   for Keen (1) see White, for Keen (2), Kimber and Lee see Baker;  for Manning see Russell;  for Meyer see Wilkins;  for McConnell see Carrick;  for Mickley see Sworder;  for Miles see Baker; for Mobbs see Thorn;  for Morer see Baker;  for Mumbray see Hudson;  for Nalder see Brettell;  for Negus see Hudson;  for Nichols see Sworder;  for Northam see Pavey;  for Nun see Ward;   for Ormerod see Lomax;  for Pegg see Wilkins;  for Poole see Smith;  for Potts see Story;   for Proctor see Long;   for Rodrigues see Andrade; for Salamon(1) see Jonas;   for Salamon(2) see Thorn;  for Savidge see White;   for Simmonds see Mousley;   for Symonds see Clark;   for Thorn(2) see Pavey;  for Tiffin see Murkin;  for Wade see Warr;  for Whitehead see Waring, for Wood and Wright see Vaughton;  for Wyman see Sworder.

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