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some notes by Liz & John Partington 



Our earliest known Scovell ancestor, George Henry, was born in 1781, apparently in Havant.  He married Elizabeth Humphreys, and the couple were living in Clerkenwell, Middlesex, when they had a son, also called George, in about 1832.  Sometime in the next few years Elizabeth was admitted to a ‘lunatic hospital’ in Nottingham, and although George seems to have had the support of two domestic servants (one of whom had become his common-law wife by 1851), the younger George was sent away, to live near Havant.  George senior died in 1859, and Elizabeth twenty years later.



The only one of George Henry’s children of whom I yet know is George, born in 1831/2 in Clerkenwell, Middlesex.  As described above, he was sent as a child to live in Havant;  but he was living again in London, at St Pancras, when he married Martha Baker on 5 May 1857:  the ceremony took place in her home village of Shalford in Surrey, and the register describes him as a “gentleman”.  On his father’s death in 1859 George was an executor for the will.  George & Martha had five children, the oldest two born in Kensington and the youngest three in Twickenham:  Mary Elizabeth in 1859/60,  Fanny in 1862, Emily J in 1865/6, George Robert in 1867, Annie in 1868/9 and Richard H in 1875/6 (further details below).   In 1861 George & Martha were living at 5 Queen’s Buildings, Brompton, with baby Mary Elizabeth;  Martha’s sister Fanny was with them.  In 1871 the family was at Richmond Road, Twickenham;  George Robert was not with them.   Ten years later George was living in The Mall, Hampton Road, Twickenham, and is described as a “Retired Italian Warehouseman”.  In 1886 he was still there, described as a “gentleman”.  In 1901 George & Martha were at 10 Manor Road, Twickenham:  George Robert is with them, for the first time with them according to a census, together with his wife Emily.  In 1911 George & Martha were living at 50 Princes Road, Teddington, and still with Emily, Annie and Richard (all unmarried);  George is still a “Retired Italian Warehouseman”.  George died in 1912/3, and Martha a year or so after him.


THE CHILDREN OF GEORGE  (1831/2 - abt. 1913)

George’s first child, Mary Elizabeth, was born in Kensington in 1859/60. In 1861 she was living there (at 5 Queen’s Buildings, Brompton) with her parents.  Ten and and twenty years later she was living with the rest of her family in Twickenham, in Richmond Road and at The Mall, Hampton Road, respectively.  In 1886 she was a witness at her sister Fanny’s wedding.  It seems likely that she herself married a couple of years later.

George’s second child, Fanny, was born in Kensington in 1862.  In 1871 & 1881 she was living with the rest of her family in Twickenham, in Richmond Road and at The Mall, Hampton Road, respectively.  On 12 August 1886 she married Hodgson William Brettell at Holy Trinity, Twickenham:  her residence at the time was given as “The Mall, Twickenham”.  They had four children:  the first died at birth, in 1887, Walter was born the following year, George in 1891 and Norman in 1894.  In 1911 the family (without Norman) were living at 22 Cumington Road in Ealing.  Fanny died on 8 October 1918 at Tresco, Rydens Road, Walton.

George’s third child, Emily Jane, was born in Twickenham in 1865.  In 1871-1911 she was living with her parents at their various addresses, unmarried and, in 1911, “assisting in house”.

George’s fourth child, George Robert, was born in 1867.  He doesn’t feature with his birth family in any census returns until 1901, though he may well be the thirteen-year old George recorded in 1881 as “son-in-law” to William & Eliza Crees in Havant;  Eliza’s father, seventy-six year old David Scovell, was also in the household.  In 1901 George was at last recorded with his parents:  an “electrical engineer”, married to Emily Gertrude (née Spencer):  they had married two years earlier.

George’s fifth child, Annie, was born in Twickenham in 1868.  In 1871 & 1881 she was living with the rest of her family in Twickenham, in Richmond Road and at The Mall, Hampton Road, respectively.  In 1901 she was still with her family, a ‘missionary’, and likewise in 1911, “assisting in house”.

George’s sixth child, Richard Hart, was born in Twickenham in 1875.  In 1881 he was living with his parents at The Mall, Hampton Road.  Twenty years later he was still at home, an ‘auctioneers manager’;  in 1911 he was still there, unmarried, an “auctioneers manager and estate agent”.  He died in 1912/13.


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