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(notes by P John Partington)



‘Brittell’ was admitted as a freeman of the city of Salisbury in 1702, being described in the documentation as a ‘foreigner’. Whether this means that he was from abroad, or simply from outside Salisbury is not clear.  But this is at about the time that a number of Brettells were moving north and west from London, having originally arrived there as ‘Huguenots’ – refugees from the religious persecution of Protestants in France.  Simon appeared thereafter at regular intervals in the city records, dying in 1726/7.  He married Mary, and had a son George, born in about 1698.  In his turn, George married Elizabeth Heath at St Edmund’s, Salisbury, on Christmas Day 1720, and had at least four children:  Thomas, born in about 1721, Betty in about 1727, George (date unknown) and John in 1736.

THE CHILDREN OF GEORGE  (c.1698 - aft. 1734)

George’s first child, Thomas, was baptized at St Thomas’, Salisbury, on 14 March 1721.  He married Elizabeth Swain in 1749, and was still living in Salisbury (‘New Sarum’) in 1776, and working as a tailor when he made his will;  it was proved on 12 April 1782.  Elizabeth was still alive at the time;  they had had no children.

George’s second child, Betty, was baptized at St Thomas’, Salisbury, on 25 October 1727, and is mentioned in her brother Thomas’ will of 1776.

George’s third child, George, is mentioned in his brother Thomas’ will of 1776.

George’s fourth child, John, was born in about 1736.  He married Susannah Nalder on 9 December 1764 at St Edmund’s, Salisbury;  at the time he was a baker, living in the parish.  They had at least three children – Thomas born in about 1766, George in about 1769 and John in about 1772 (details below).  John died in 1806, and was buried on 4 May at St Edmund’s, Salisbury;  Susannah died in 1829.

THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (1736 - 1806)

John’s first child, Thomas, was baptized on 26 December 1766 at St Edmund’s, Salisbury.  On 28 March 1799 he married a widow, Honor Bromage (maiden name unknown):  they had one child, Charlotte, born in about 1801(details below):  in her baptism register Thomas is recorded as a tailor.  In 1808 the family are mentioned as receiving “Relief of the Wives and Families of Men serving in the Salisbury Volunteers while out on Permanent Duty for fourteen days ...”.  Thomas died in November 1825, and was buried at St Edmund’s Salisbury on the 13th.  Honor died in September 1838, and was buried at St Edmund’s on the 21st.

John’s second child, George, was born in about 1769, being baptized on 1 June that year at St Edmund’s, Salisbury.  He married twice:  first, at St James’ Westminster on 16 April 1798  Mary Cook, by whom he had nine children – Thomas John, born in 1798, Maria in about 1800, Susanna in about 1802, John in 1804, Mary in about 1805, George in 1806, Walter in 1809, Frances in 1811 and Emma in 1813 (details below).   Mary died in December 1831, and John married Maria Weait on 21 November 1839 at St Marylebone.  He worked as a shoemaker.  He seems to have lived at different times both in Salisbury and London, but he was living at 15 South Front, Kingsland St Mary, Southampton when he made his will on 12 November 1848, leaving “all real & personal property to my dear wife Maria Brettell”.  He died there on 22 October 1849.  In 1851 Maria was living with her niece Mary Hillier at 15 South Front, Southampton.

John’s third child, another John, was born in about 1772, and baptized on 28 May 1772 at St Edmund’s, Salisbury.  He married Charlotte Hayden on 2 September 1800 at St Marylebone.  By 1803 he was working as a printer at 54 Great Windmill Street, in 1806 at Marshall Street, and finally he built a printing office in Rupert Street in Westminster, on land apparently leased from Christ’s Hospital.   In 1827 John, the “printer of Rupert Street” appears in an unusual entry in the Gentleman’s Magazine, as the possessor of two mummified “members of the Guanche species ... from the island of Teneriffe”.  In 1841 he was living at the Paragon, Streatham.  In his will he is described as living at “5 Streatham Paragon, Surrey, and occasionally of North Street, Falsgrave, Scarborough”.   Charlotte died in November 1839, and John on 14 January 1848;  both were buried in St Leonard’s Streatham churchyard.


Thomas & Honor had one child, Charlotte, born in 1801 and baptized on 16 December at St Edmund’s, Salisbury. On 28 October 1824 she married a James Millard, and they had six children: Charlotte, James, Susan, Thomas, John and Mary Ann. She died sometime before 1846.

THE CHILDREN OF GEORGE  (c. 1769 - 1849)

George’s first child, Thomas John, was born in 1798 at St James’ Westminster, and baptized on 4 March at St George’s, Hanover Square.  On 18 September 1824 at St James’ Piccadilly, he married a widow, Mary Chisolm, who was working in the royal household at St James’ Palace Westminster;  subsequent directories record him living there (in 1841 in Great Court and in 1851 in Marlborough Court).  He worked as a printer in Rupert Street, and despite being declared bankrupt on 8 June 1838, was still in business there three years later – at 25 Rupert Street, Haymarket.  In 1848 he inherited the lease of “the printing office in Rupert Street” for the rest of his life.  Thomas died on 17 January 1867 and Mary on 27 January 1872, both at St James’ Palace, Westminster.

George’s second child, Maria, was baptized on 24 April at St Thomas’, Salisbury.  On 30 August 1822 she married Richard Parkes Crane at St Anne’s Soho – both were described as being “of this parish”.  Nothing else is known at present.

George’s third child, Susanna, was baptized on 15 September 1802 at St Thomas’, Salisbury.  On 27 August 1825 she married Robert Owen Aland at St Anne’s Soho – both were described as being “of this parish”.   Robert figures in the 1841 census as a jeweller in Gerrard Street:  there is no reference to Susanna.

George’s fourth child, John, was born in Salisbury on 2 Mar 1804 and baptized on 26 May at St Thomas’.  On 17 June 1830 he married Mary Charlotte Haselden, whose family were in royal service at Windsor, at St Anne’s Soho.  They had seven children – Mary Caroline born in 1831, John Haselden in 1832, Jane Caroline in 1834, George Charles in 1835, Thomas Walter in 1837, Henry Adolphus in 1839 and Alfred in 1840 (details below).  At Mary Caroline’s baptism John is described as a jeweller, living at Windsor Terrace, while on Alfred’s birth certificate he is a ‘traveller’ (misread for jeweller?) at “20 St Georges Road, New Kent Road”.  In 1841 Mary and her daughter Jane were staying with her parents at Lower Lodge, New Windsor.  John died on 26 November 1845 at Newington in Surrey.  Six years later the census recorded Mary and the children at 6 Park Street, New Windsor:  she is a ‘schoolmistress’.   She died on 25 November 1867.

George’s fifth child, Mary, was baptized on 31 July 1805 at St Thomas’, Salisbury.  On 11 March 1832 she married George Goddard.  Both of them were alive in 1845, but nothing further is known at present.

George’s sixth child, George, was born on 19 October 1806 and baptized on 21 November at St Thomas’, Salisbury.  He married Charlotte Shergold on 26 May 1838 in Laverstock, Wiltshire.  By 1841 Charlotte had died, and on 4 April of that year he married twenty-eight year old Ann Wood at All Souls, Langham Place in London.  He worked as a shoemaker.

George’s seventh child, Walter, was born in Salisbury on 1 September 1809, and baptized on 2 February 1810 at St Thomas’.  He married Sarah Maria Jones on 1 August 1846 at St James’ Westminster.  (According to family memory, Sarah was born (baptized?) on 12 February 1819, in the parish of St George’s Hanover Square;  on her marriage certificate her father John is described as a silk weaver.)  The Post Office Directory in 1851 & Watkins’ Directory in 1852 record Walter and Sarah at 36 New Bond Street:  he is a “stationer & printer” while she is a “court milliner”;  the census adds that Walter was then employing “one apprentice and one man”.  They had eight children:   Walter born in 1847, Arthur in 1848, Robert Henry in 1850, Eliza Marion in 1851, Annie in 1853, John Henry in 1855, Hodgson William in 1856 and Fanny Jane in 1859 (details below).  Walter died on 20 July 1880, having inherited the Rupert Street printing office three years earlier on the death of his brother Thomas.   The following year Sarah was living at 1 Onslow Villa in Richmond with Arthur, Eliza and John.

George’s eighth child, Frances, was baptized at St Thomas’, Salisbury on 2 August 1811.  She married Samuel Porter Matthews, of “High Easter, Essex”, on 5 August 1837 at St Anne’s Soho.  In 1848 she and her husband inherited 53 Grove Place, Lisson Grove and some money from her uncle John Brettell.   The 1851 census records Frances, but not her husband, at Sheering Road, Campions, Harlow, in Essex:  she is a “farmer & buckmaster’s wife, farming 100 acres, employing ten labourers”.  In 1861 both she and Samuel were still at Campions, with her sister Emma and children.  She herself had no children.

George’s ninth child, Emma, was born in Salisbury on 10 March 1813 and baptized on 26 May at St Thomas’.  On 19 June 1838 she married James Brown, a ‘painter’, at St Mary’s, Marylebone.  They had at least two children:   Emma born in about 1847 and Fanny in 1850.  James died in about 1850, and the following year Emma and Fanny (but not the younger Emma) were living with her sister Frances in Harlow.  In 1861 Emma was still living with Frances & her husband;   both Emma & Fanny were there.

THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (1804 - 1845)

John’s first child, Mary Caroline, was born on 10 August 1831 at Staines in Middlesex, and baptized on 28 September at St John the Baptist, Hoxton.  In 1841 she was staying with William & Caroline Haselden (her uncle & aunt?) at Whitelands House, Blacklands Lane, Chelsea, in 1851 she was living with her mother and other members of the family at 6 Park Street, New Windsor, and in 1861 was with her mother and stepfather (James Wickenden Robinson, a “gasfitter”) at 15 Charlotte Street, Leamington Priors.  She married James Ruibb, by whom she had a son William H (born in about 1864).  In 1881 she was living with James & William at 32 The Parade, Leamington.

John’s second child, John Haselden, was born on 17 December 1832 and baptized on 9 January the following year at Holy Trinity, Chelsea.   He was an engineer, more precisely an “inspector of machinery”, in the Royal Navy.  On 7 February 1867 he married the Chief Inspector’s daughter, Elizabeth Jane Williamson at Holy Trinity, Sheerness.  They had six children: Ella Mima Mary Williamson born in 1869, John Walter Williamson in 1872, Ethel Constance Haselden in 1878, Kathleen Norah Maud in 1880, Hilda Irena Muriel in 1882 and Rhoda Edith Lillian in 1884 (details below).  Presumably because of John’s work, the family moved around considerably:  in 1881 for example they seem to have been in Ireland.  He died on 24 March 1893 at Egmont Lodge, Anerley, London, and was buried at Norwood.  After his death, Elizabeth lived at St Martins, 66 Thicket Road, Anerley.

John’s third child, Jane Caroline, was born on 17 June 1834 in Chelsea, and baptized on 10 September at St Luke’s.  In 1841 she and her mother were staying with her mother’s parents at Lower Lodge, New Windsor, and in 1851 she was living with her mother and other members of the family at 6 Park Street, New Windsor.  She married Thomas Drummond in 1858 and died some time after 1865.

John’s fourth child, George Charles, was born on 15 December 1835 in Chelsea, and baptized on 6 January the following year at St Luke’s.   In 1851 he was living with his mother and other members of the family at 6 Park Street, New Windsor.  He married Mary [surname unknown] at Farnham in the summer of 1868, and they had at least four children:  Winifred baptized in Brighton in 1870, George in Colchester in 1872, Walter Hazelden in Muttra in 1874 and Henry also in Muttra in 1875 (details below).  On 20 August 1860 George enlisted in the 10th Hussars, serving in England, Ireland (1863-7) and India (1873-8) and rising to the rank of quartermaster-sergeant.  He was discharged on medical grounds on 27 June 1879.

John’s fifth child, Thomas Walter, known as Walter, was born in Kenwell, Middlesex, on 19 July 1837 and baptized at St Luke’s, Chelsea, on 16 August.  In 1851 he was living with his mother and other members of the family at 6 Park Street, New Windsor.  He married Caroline Miles on 19 April 1857 at St Marylebone, and they had nine children:  Caroline Mary born in 1857, Thomas William in 1859, Alice on 13 December 1861, Jane in about 1863, Walter in about 1865, Alfred Edward in about 1867, Ada on 25 October 1870, Minnie in about 1871 and Henry in about 1876 (details below).  In 1861 Walter is described as a bookseller’s clerk, living at 37 Naylor Street, Islington, in 1871 at 8 Idonia Street, Deptford, and in the 1881 census as a “clerk (commercial mercantile)” at 45 Woodpecker Street, Deptford, in Kent.  He died in 1908, aged seventy.

John’s sixth child, Henry Adolphus, was born on 18 May 1839 in Chelsea, and baptized on 14 June at St Luke’s.  In 1851 he was living with his mother and other members of the family at 6 Park Street, New Windsor.  Nothing further is known of him at present.

John’s seventh child, Alfred, was born on 3 November 1840 at 20 St Georges Road, Newington.  In 1877 he married Sarah Mead Blackburn in Middlesborough and in 1881 was living there with her and two young sons (Alfred born in 1879 and John Henry in 1880) at 4 Dock Cottages:  he is described as a ‘seaman’.  It seems probable that Alfred & Sarah had at least three more children – Freddy born in 1884/5, Mary Jane in 1886/7 and Florrie in 1891.  Sarah died in 1902/3.


John Haselden’s first child, Ella Mima Mary Williamson, was born on 5 July 1869 in Queenborough, and died on 3 October 1873 in Lower Tooting, being buried at Lower Norwood Cemetery.

John Haselden’s second child, John Walter Williamson, was born on 3 September 1872 in Sheerness.  On 16 December 1893 he married Daisy Ethel Griffin Woods.

John Haselden’s third child, Ethel Constance Haselden, was born on 31 August 1878 at 7 Montague Terrace, Sheerness.

John Haselden’s fourth child, Kathleen Norah Maud, was born on 12 September 1880 at 3 Hook Terrace, East Kingston, Ireland.

John Haselden’s fifth child, Hilda Irena Muriel, was born on 14 June 1882, at Zanzibar House, Livingstone Rd, Southsea, and died there exactly one year later.

John Haselden’s sixth child, Rhoda Edith Lillian, was born on 24 September 1884 at Zanzibar House, Livingstone Rd, Southsea.


George Charles’ first child, Winifred, was born and baptized at Brighton in 1870.  The following year she was with her parents at the Cavalry Barracks, Heston, Middlesex.  On 7 September 1901, while living at 20 Rawlings Street, Chelsea, she married twenty-nine year old Abraham Harwood, a ‘compositor’.

George Charles’ second child, George, was baptized at Colchester in 1872.   Nothing else is known at present.

George Charles’ third child, Walter Hazelden, was baptized at Muttra in 1874, and died on 5 November the following year.

George Charles’ fourth child, Henry, was baptized at Muttra in 1875.   Nothing else is known at present.


Thomas Walter’s first child, Caroline Mary, was born on 28 September 1857, and baptized on 4 May the following year at St Pancras Old Church.  In 1861 she was at 37 Naylor Street, Islington, with her parents.  She married Frederick Fleach, and in 1891 was living at 120 New Rolt Street, Deptford with him and their children – Emily born in about 1880, William in about 1882, Ada in about 1884 and Elizabeth in about 1886.

Thomas Walter’s second child, Thomas William, was born in London on 9 September 1859, and baptized at St Mary-le-Strand, Westminster on 4 March the following year.  In 1861 he was at 37 Naylor Street, Islington, with his parents and in 1881 at 45 Woodpecker Road in Deptford, working as a blacksmith.  He married Ann (surname unknown), and they had at least three children:  Ann born in about 1886, Lily in about 1887 and Thomas in about 1889 (details below).   In 1891 the family were living at 35 Hanlon Street in Deptford:  Thomas was a marine engineer.

Thomas Walter’s third child, Alice, was born on 13 December 1861 at 37 Nailour Street, Islington.  Nothing else is known of her at present.

Thomas Walter’s fourth child, Jane, was born in Islington in about 1863.   The 1881 census records her living with her parents and family at 45 Woodpecker Road in Deptford:  she is described as a “milliners assistant”.

Thomas Walter’s fifth child, Walter, was born in Islington in about 1865. He married Alice (surname unknown), and they had at least three children – Walter Thomas born in about 1885, Alice Lilian in 1890 and Nellie Clara in about 1892 (details below).  The 1881 census records him as a carpenter and the 1891 census as a “farm carrier”, living at 124 New Rolt Street in Deptford.

Thomas Walter’s sixth child, Alfred Edward, was born in Deptford in about 1867.  The 1881 census records him living with his parents and family at 45 Woodpecker Road.  He married Ada, and in 1891 the two of them were living with his sister Caroline and her family at 120 New Rolt Street, Deptford.

Thomas Walter’s seventh child, Ada, was born in 8 Idonia Street, Deptford, on 25 October 1870.  She married William George Putt in Newington on 17 May 1891, and they had seven children:  Ada Ann born in 1892, Francis George in 1894, William Frederick in 1898, Edward Alfred in 1901, Florence Louise in 1906 and Violet Elizabeth in 1909.

Thomas Walter’s eighth child, Minnie, was born in Deptford in about 1871 and his ninth child, Henry, was born in Deptford in about 1876. The 1881 census records them living with their parents at 45 Woodpecker Road.


Thomas William’s first child, Ann, was born in about 1886, his second child, Lily, in about 1887, and his third child, Thomas, in about 1889. In 1891 the three children were living with their parents at 35 Hanlon Street, Deptford.

THE CHILDREN OF WALTER  (1865 - aft. 1890)

Walter’s first child, Walter Thomas, was born in about 1885 and his second child, Alice Lilian, in 1890. In 1891 they were living with their parents at 124 New Rolt Street in Deptford.

Walter’s third child, Nellie Clara, was born in about 1892.


Walter’s first child, Walter, was born on 28 June 1847.  In 1851 he was living at 36 New Bond Street with his parents and brother Arthur.  He married (name unknown) on 6 June 1873.  Nothing else is known at present.

Walter’s second child, Arthur, was born on 17 September 1848.  In 1851 he was living at 36 New Bond Street with his parents and brother Walter, and in 1881 he was still living with his mother and family, at 1 Onslow Villa, Richmond:  he was a “publisher’s clerk”.  On 11 July 1891 he married Mary A Salmon, by whom he had two sons – Arthur George born on 17 April 1892 and Sidney Walter on 15 November 1894.

Walter’s third child, Robert Henry, was born on 19 February 1850 and died on 23 March 1851.

Walter’s fourth child, Eliza Marion, was born on 7 November 1851.  In 1881 the census records her as living with her mother and family at 1 Onslow Villa, Richmond.  On 13 June of that year she married Walter Serg Nicholson:  they had one son, Leslie Walter, born on 30 January 1893.

Walter’s fifth child, Annie, was born on 6 May 1853.  On 11 August 1890 she married Frank Chase.  They had four sons: Frank Hazelden born on 10 June 1891, Philip on 8 February 1893, Charles Keith on 20 July 1895 and Wilfred in about 1898.

Walter’s sixth child, John Henry, was born on 10 February 1855.  In 1881 the census records him as living with his mother and family at 1 Onslow Villa, Richmond:  he is a “builder’s clerk”.  On 8 March 1894 he married Florence Penelope Jones: they had a daughter, Hilda Florence Edith, born on 30 September 1895.

Walter’s seventh child, Hodgson William, was born on 28 May 1856.  In 1880 he opened a shop “H.W. Brettell, Shirtmaker”, at 12 Royal Arcade, Old Bond Street.  On 12 August 1886 he married Fanny Scovell at Holy Trinity, Twickenham:  his residence at the time was 32 Cambridge Road, Richmond Hill, and the marriage register describes him as a ‘gentleman’.  Their first child died at birth, but they had three further sons:  Walter born in 1888, George in 1891 and Norman in 1894 (details below).

Walter’s eighth child, Fanny Jane, was born on 27 November 1859.  She married Charles Hough in 1880, and they had eight children:  Charles Walter born on 17 July 1881, Colin on 13 April 1883, Frederick George on 14 January 1885, Arthur on 27 March 1887, Herbert on 19 July 1888, Annie on 15 June 1890, Walter Edward on 27 November 1892 and Percy Edgar on 13 December 1894.


Hodgson William’s first child was born on 4 June 1887, but died within a few days;   his second, Walter, was born on 24 June 1888;  his third, George (who married Julia Phyllis Jonas), on 22 October 1891;  and his fourth, Norman, on 7 March 1894.

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