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(notes by P John Partington)



JEREMIAH RUSSELL (1684 - 1763)

Jeremiah Russell was born in 1684 and baptized on 11 April at St James’, Horton in Gloucestershire.  He married Martha Manning on 13 December 1703 at Iron Acton, and they had four children:  Ann(e), born in 1704, Margaret in 1706, Giles in 1708 and Jeremiah in 1711.  Jeremiah senior died on 1 October 1763 and was buried two days later at Horton.  Martha died, still in Horton, on 16 September 1774, and was buried two days later.


Jeremiah’s first child, Anne, was born in Hawkesbury in 1704 and baptized there on 26 November.  She married Richard Hall at Yate on 29 February 1728.  The couple had at least seven children:  Hannah, born in 1738, Elizabeth baptized in 1739, John born in about 1740, James in about 1741, Richard baptized in 1742, Martha in 1745, and James in 1749.  Richard died in Little Sodbury on 16 May 1763 and was buried two days later in Horton;  Ann died in Little Sodbury on 9 February 1778 and was buried at Horton the following day.

Jeremiah’s second child, Margaret, was born in Horton in 1706 and baptized there on 28 August.  On 25 April 1726 she married Thomas Hall at Yate, by whom she had a daughter, Hannah, in 1746.   Thomas died on 4 January 1784 at Crowshall Farm, Horton;   Margaret died there on 7 July 1789 and was buried in the village two days later.

Jeremiah’s third child, Giles, was born in Horton in 1708 and baptized there on 18 January the following year.  He died, still in the village, on 21 March 1787 and was buried two days later.

Jeremiah’s fourth child, Jeremiah, was born in Horton in 1711 and baptized there on 30 January.  Nothing further is known of him at present.

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