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JOHN COMBES OF HASLEMERE (bef. 1740 - aft. 1778)

In 1757 John Combes married Ann Far at Haslemere parish church: both were described as being "of this parish". During the course of the following twenty years they baptized a number of children at Haslemere, notably John in 1759, Thomas in 1760, Elisabeth in 1762, Hannah in 1766, Mercy in 1769, Ann in 1772, another Ann in 1774, Sarah in 1777, perhaps a Richard in 1778, William in 1779. Nothing further is known of John or Ann at present.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN (bef. 1740 - aft. 1778)

John’s first child, John, was baptized at Haslemere on 13 August 1759; his second child, Thomas, on 6 March 1760; his third child, Elisabeth, on 31 March 1762; and his fourth child, Hannah, on 9 March 1766.

John’s fifth child, Mercy, was baptized at Haslemere on 24 June 1769. She married John Loveland at Haslemere on 7 April 1793. They had thirteen children, all baptized in Frensham: John baptized in 1793, Stephen in 1795, George in 1797, Jane in 1799, William in 1801, Hannah in 1803, Henry in 1805, Charles in 1807, Ann in 1808, another Ann in 1809, Thomas in 1811, Elizabeth in 1812 and Mary in 1815. John’s date of death is not yet known, but Mercy died on 24 January 1839, being buried in Frensham churchyard on the 29th.

John’s sixth child, Ann, was baptized at Haslemere on 14 June 1772; his seventh child, another Ann, in 1774; his eighth child, Sarah, in 1777; his ninth child, Richard, on 17 July 1778; and his tenth child, William, on 30 October 1779.


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