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In the eighteenth and nineteenth at least three individuals surnamed ‘Loveland’ intermarried with our ‘Baker’ ancestors in and around Haslemere. Although the links are not yet proven, it seems very likely that these Lovelands were themselves members of one extended family, and therefore all are covered in these notes – the most recent branch of the family (John and his descendants) in the main body of these notes, and more remote relations, including another direct ancestor, Anne, in the appendices.


JOHN LOVELAND OF FRENSHAM (abt. 1767 - aft. 1813)

John Loveland married Mercy Combes at Haslemere on 7 April 1793.  They had twelve children, all baptized in Frensham: John in 1793, Stephen in 1795, George in 1797, Jane in 1799, William in 1801, Hannah in 1803, Henry in 1805, Charles in 1807, Ann in 1809, Thomas in 1811, Elizabeth in 1812 and Mary in 1815.   John’s date of death is not yet known, but Mercy died on 24 January 1839, being buried in Frensham churchyard on the 29th.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN (abt. 1767 - aft. 1813)

John’s first child, John, was baptized at Frensham on 29 November 1793, his second, Stephen, on 26 December 1795, his third, George, on 3 December 1797, his fourth, Jane, on 13 October 1799, his fifth, William, on 20 September 1801, his sixth, Hannah, on 12 February 1803, his seventh, Henry, on 17 March 1805, his eighth, Charles, on 22 February 1807, his ninth, Ann, on 12 March 1809, his tenth Thomas, on 20 March 1811, and his eleventh, Elizabeth, on 29 November 1812.

John’s twelfth child, Mary, was baptized at Frensham on 22 January 1815. On 10 February 1834 she married Richard Baker, still at Frensham, and they had eleven children: Martha born in 1835, Fanny in about 1837, Mary in 1839, Richard in 1840, John in 1842, Jane in 1844, George in 1845, James in 1847, William in 1850, Frederick in 1852 and Frank in about 1854. In 1841, Richard & Mary were living in Frensham parish, lower Churt to be precise, with Martha, Fanny and Richard; Richard was a farmer. Ten years later the family were at Emly Farm in Thursley. Mary died sometime in the later 1850s.




On 21 May 1736 Anne Loveland married our ancestor Nicholas Baker at Haslemere parish church.  They had three children:  Nicholas born in 1736, John in 1738 and Stephen in 1742.  Nicholas senior died in 1742;  nothing further is known of Anne.



 On 10 February 1834 an Anne Loveland married Stephen Baker at Frensham parish church;  nothing further is known of her.


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