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notes by Liz & John Partington


 JONATHAN WILKINS (bef. 1760 - aft. 1773) AND HIS CHILDREN

Jonathan Wilkins married Lydia (surname unknown) and had a son, Samuel, born in about 1776.  Samuel married Anna Helena Meyer and had a son, William George, born in 1804.  (Anna Helena was of German descent:   her family were apparently friends of J S Bach, and she was also related to the well-known Baptist preacher, born in 1847, F B Meyer.)


THE CHILDREN OF SAMUEL (c. 1776 - aft. 1802)

Samuel’s son William George was born on 17 January 1804.  In 1830 he married Susanna Pegg (born on 25 October 1810, the daughter of James and Elizabeth), and they had eight children:  Helen Susanna born in 1832, Mary Louisa in 1833, Anne in 1835, William George in 1836, Samuel in 1838, Charles John in 1843, Emma Mathilde in 1851, and Hollis Edward in 1853.  William and Susanna both died in 1888.



William George’s first child, Helena Susanna, was born at 30 Brooksby Street, Islington, on 28 January 1832.  On 28 October 1857 she married Edward Sampson Eardly Cousins Eardly at Islington Chapel:  the couple had nine children: Emma Susanna born in 1858, Annie Sophia Louisa in 1859, Bertha Salome in 1861, Catherine Eliza in 1863, Edward William Blomfield in 1865, Edward Culling Ernest in 1866, Edward Charles Wilmot in 1868, Edward Frederick Cyril in 1870, and Helena Matilda in 1872.  Helena was dead by 1881, when Edward and some of the children were living at 15 Stroud Green Road in Islington.

William George’s second child, Mary Louisa, was born at 30 Brooksby Street, Islington, on 30 October 1833. On 29 July 1857 at Islington Chapel she married George Alfred Smith.  The couple had nine children: William George born in 1858, Mary Emma in 1860, Annie Gertrude in 1862, Edward Wilkins in 1866, Arthur Campbell and Jessie Louisa in 1868, Alfred Meyer in 1871, Agnes Jane in 1873 and Isabel Susanna in 1874.  In 1881 the family were living at 6 Castor Villa, Manor Road, Stoke Newington; George was working as a bank clerk.  George died in 1908 and Mary in 1910.

William George’s third child, Anne, was born at 30 Brooksby Street, Islington, on 3 February 1835.  On 4 March 1856 at the Registrar General's Office in Islington she married David Pitcairn Wright.  The couple had eleven children:  Elizabeth Anne born in 1857, David Pitcairn in 1858, John William Bernard in 1860, Howard Wilkins in 1861, Charles Herbert in 1862, Isabella Mary in 1864, Edward Pitcairn in 1866, Arthur Octavius in 1867, Susanna Winifred in 1869, David Percy in 1871 and Kathleen Margaret in 1874.  It seems from the 1881 census that the family were in Plymouth in 1860, in Bristol between 1861 and 1866, and in Birmingham from 1867 onwards.

William George’s fourth child, William George, was born on 13 October 1836.  It seems that he married Bertha (surname unknown) and had at least five children:  William H and Edward E, born in Wanstead, Essex, in 1863/4 and 1865/6 respectively, and Martyn, Edith and Elfrida born in Islington in 1867/8, 1870/1 and 1876/7.  In 1881 the family were living at 4 Sutherland Villas, Islington:  William and his eldest son were working as insurance clerks.

William George’s fifth child, Samuel, was born on 8 June 1838.  Nothing further is known of him at present.

William George’s sixth child, Charles John, was born on 27 April 1843.  It seems probable that he married Margaret H (surname unknown), and had at least two children:  Charles E W and Ellen M, born in St Pancras in 1872/3 and 1875/6 respectively.  In 1881 the family were living at 9 Maitland Park Villas, St Pancras;  Charles was working as a clerk for the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

William George’s seventh child, Emma Mathilde, was born on 8 January 1851;  and his eighth, Hollis Edward, on 4 October 1853.  Nothing further is known of them at present.

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