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  notes by P John Partington


GEORGE JAMES HUDSON  (bef. 1827 - aft. 1860)

George James Hudson married Mary Dorothy Mumbray, and had at least one child, a son Albert Henry (known by his second name) born in 1842.  The family’s address at the time was 9 Red Lion Street, Kingsland Road in Shoreditch;  George was a ‘brass turner’.  He was working as a ‘lock maker’ at the time of Henry’s marriage in Shoreditch in 1861.  Nothing further is yet known of him.


THE CHILDREN OF GEORGE HUDSON  (bef. 1827 - aft. 1860)

George’s son Albert Henry (known as ‘Henry’) was born  at 9 Red Lion Street, Kingsland Road in Shoreditch on 5 December 1842.  On 6 October 1861 he married Elizabeth Flight, still in Shoreditch;  at the time they were living in Leonard Street, at numbers ten and sixteen respectively.  The couple seem to have had at least eight children – Henry born in 1862/3, Elizabeth in 1864/5, Alice in 1865/6, Matilda in 1867/8, Walter in 1869/70, Arthur in 1871/2, Charles in 1874 and Julia.  In 1881 the family were living at 25 Upper John Street in Hoxton:  Charles was working as a brass-finisher.  He died, it seems, in 1886.



Albert Henry’s first child, Henry, was born in Shoreditch in 1862/3.  In 1881 he was living with his family at 25 Upper John Street, Hoxton, and working as a plumber.

Albert Henry’s second child, Elizabeth, was born in Shoreditch in 1864/5.  In 1881 she was living with her family at 25 Upper John Street, Hoxton, and working as a machinist.

Albert Henry’s third child, Alice, was born in Shoreditch in 1865/6;  his fourth, Matilda, was born there in 1867/8;  his fifth, Walter, in 1869/70;  and his sixth, Arthur in 1871/2.  In 1881 they were living at 25 Upper John Street, Hoxton, all ‘scholars’.

Albert Henry’s seventh child, Charles Simon, was born on 19 December 1874, at 25 Upper John Street, Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch;  in 1881 he was still there with his family – a ‘scholar’.  He married young, but his wife soon died, and on 1 August 1897, still in Shoreditch, he married Ada Negus (born in Shoreditch in about 1878, to James Negus, a ‘washer’), with whom he had at least six children:  Ada, born in about 1898, Charles in about 1900, Richard Henry in 1902, Albert William in 1904, Henry in about 1908 and Elsie M in 1910.  In 1901 Charles and his young family were in Hackney;  Charles was working as a painter.  Ten years later the family were living at 46 St John’s Road.

In 1881 Albert Henry’s eighth child, Julia, was with the family at 25 Upper John Street, Hoxton;  no age is recorded for her.

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