Six separate Smith families figure amongst our ancestors:

1)    Liz’s maternal grandmother’s father’s family (the descendants of Thomas William Smith and Elizabeth née Bellamy, who married near the beginning of the nineteenth century);

2)    Liz’s maternal grandmother’s mother’s family (the descendants of John Smith and Mary née Cook, who married in 1752);

3)    the Smiths of Mudge Down – Liz’s maternal grandfather’s two grandmothers (sisters Ann & Martha née Smith), their relations and ancestors;

4)    the family of Elizabeth Smith, who married Johns ancestor John Kimberlin in Coventry in 1822;

5)    the family of Ann Smith who married Robert, a member of the Smith (2) family above, in 1801.

6)    the family of Julia Smith who married Henry Sworder, one of Emmas ancestors, in 1846.


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