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notes by P John Partington


RICHARD WARWICK  (1690 - 1773)

I have scant details only so far of the Warwick family of Hertfordshire, ancestors of ours by several different genealogical routes.  The common ancestor is Richard, who married Catherine Briden and had at least six children, Richard, William, Katharine, Elizabeth, Mary & Daniel.  Richard senior, “of Puckeridge in the Parish of Standon in the County of Hertford, Gentleman”, died in 1773, and Catherine three years later.


Richard’s eldest son, also Richard, was living in 1773 when his father made his will;  he inherited a property “with the Orchard Barn and Appurtenances situate at Hoe Street in the Parish of Braughin”, together with another property “with the Orchard Garden and Appurtenances situate in the parish of Standon” and 550.

Richard’s second known child was William, born in about 1725.  On 20 November 1755 at Great Munden in Hertfordshire he married Dionis Cater.  The couple had at least one child, a daughter Mary (for further details see below).  On his father’s death he inherited three properties “situate at Levins Green and holden of the Manor of Great Munden” and 550.  William and Dionis both died in 1801 and were buried at St Mary’s, Bayford.

Richard’s third child, Katharine, married Edward Faircloth, “of the parish of Standon, yeoman”.  She was alive in 1773 when her father left her 350.

Richard’s fourth child, Elizabeth, was born in 1730.  On 3 October 1757, also in Great Munden, she married Francis Wyman.  The couple had eight children – William born in 1759, Catharine in 1760, Rose (who married William Sworder) in 1762, Richard in 1764, Elizabeth in 1765, Fanny in 1769, Francis in 1772 and George in about 1776.  In 1773 she inherited 350 from her father Richard.  Francis died in 1794 and Elizabeth four years later.

Richard’s fifth child, Mary, married John Prior, “of Ansty Hall”.  She was alive in 1773 when her father left her 350.

Richard’s sixth child, Daniel, had two children, Thomas Bridge and Catherine.  He was dead by 1773 when the children, aged under twenty-one, inherited 300 each from their grandfather.


THE CHILDREN OF WILLIAM  (c. 1725 - 1801)

William’s daughter Mary was born at Sacombe, Hertfordshire, in 1757.  On 26 August 1790 at Bayford she married Charles Bennett, by whom she had a daughter, Esther (who married John Sworder), in 1794.  Mary died on 9 April 1828 and Charles on 3 December that same year.

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