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notes by P John Partington



At least two branches of our family had the surname ‘Bennett’.  These notes refer to the Bennetts of Hertfordshire, our ancestors through the Sworder family.  Of them, the earliest found to date is Charles, born in about 1724.  On 10 November 1753 he married Jane Johnson at Gilston, Herts:  the couple had at least one child, a son, Charles, baptized in 1761.  Jane died on 30 January 1798 and Charles senior on 1 February 1801;  both were buried at St Mary’s Standon in Hertfordshire.


THE CHILDREN OF CHARLES  (c. 1724 - 1801)

Charles’s son Charles was baptized at Standon on 3 May 1761.  He married Mary Warwick at St Mary’s Bayford on 26 August 1790. The couple had five children – Esther, born in 1794, William, Richard, Mary & Ann.  Mary died on 9 April 1828 and Charles on 3 December that same year;  both were buried at Standon.



Charles’s daughter Esther was baptized on 18 February 1794 at Standon.  She married John Sworder, still at Standon, on 5 August 1813.  The couple had six children – Esther born in 1814, John in 1816, Mary Bennett in 1817, Charles in about 1818, William in about 1821 and Frederick in about 1823.  Esther died on 28 December 1823(?) and was buried on 3 January at St Mary, Standon;  John died in 1845.

Charles’ children William, Richard, Mary & Ann are referred to in their father’s will of 1828, William being appointed an executor;  they  are otherwise as yet unknown.

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