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notes by P John Partington


JOHN HUNT  (1755 - 1793)

John Hunt was born in 1755 and is described by a descendant as a farmer of Handborough in Oxfordshire.  On 29 May 1785 he married Sarah Franklin at Handborough in Oxfordshire.  The couple had at least three children:  George born in 1787, Job in 1789 and Sarah in 1791.  John died on “about 28 November 1792” and Sarah on “about 26 June 1793”, both still in Handborough.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (1755 - 1793)

John’s son George was born in 1787.  He married Rebecca (surname unknown) and had a son, William, in 1822.

John’s son Job was born in Handborough on 5 July 1789.  On 7 November 1813, still in Handborough, he married Sarah Cox, with whom he had a daughter, Harriet, born in 1814.

John’s daughter Sarah was born in Handborough on “about 20 July 1791”, and died there on “about 16 July 1793”.


George’s son William was born in 1822.  He had a son, George, born on 28 August 1859.  William died in 1900.

THE CHILDREN OF JOB  (1789 - aft. 1812)

Job’s daughter Harriet was born in Handborough on 21 August 1814.  On 12 September 1832, still in the village, she married James Payne, with whom she had six children – Sarah born in 1832, William in 1835, George in 1836, Elizabeth in 1840, John in 1842 and Fanny in 1844.

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