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notes by P John Partington


Its evident that a large number of errors had accumulated in my orginal version of these notes, and so Im in the process of entirely reworking them.  It will be a few months (I suspect) before theyre fully upoaded again.  My apologies!


The ‘White’ family from whom we are descended lived for many generations in Stretton on Fosse, a village just off the Fosse Way on the Warwickshire/Gloucestershire border.  Of them, our earliest known ancestor was William, buried on 20 June 1672.  He had at least two children – Edward and William (details below).


THE CHILDREN OF WILLIAM  (bef. 1639 - 1672)

William’s son Edward had at least three sons, all baptized in Stretton on Fosse – Edward in about 1673, William in about 1676 and Isaac in about 1680 (details below).  He was buried, still in Stretton, on 29 May 1685.

William’s son William married Jane:  they had at least three children, all baptized in Stretton – Thomas in 1672, John in 1674 and William in 1676 (see below).  William senior died in 1713, and was buried on 9 April, still in Stretton – “William White senior”.

THE CHILDREN OF EDWARD  (bef. 1657 - 1685)

Edward’s first child, Edward, was baptized in Stretton on Fosse on 19 October 1673.  He appears not to have married, and was buried, still in Stretton, on Boxing Day 1737– recorded as “Edward White the Elder”.

Edward’s second child, William, was baptized in Stretton on 21 January 1676/7.  He probably died there in 1728 or 1729.

Edward’s third child, Isaac, was baptized in Stretton on 8 August 1680.  On 1 May 1707, still in Stretton, he married Anne Pankridge.  The couple had at least seven children – Edward baptized in 1707, William in 1708, Margaret in 1710, another William in 1714, Isaac in 1716, John in 1718 and Anne in 1720 (details below).  Isaac died, still in Stretton, in 1739, being buried there on 19 February.

THE CHILDREN OF ISAAC  (1680 - 1739)

Isaac’s first child, Edward, was baptized in Stretton on Fosse on 26 February 1707/8.  Nothing further is yet known of him.

Isaac’s second child, William, was baptized in Stretton on 21 March 1708/9, and buried there three days later.

Isaac’s third child, Margaret, and his fourth, another William, were baptized in Stretton on 28 February 1710/1 and 22 November 1714 respectively.  Nothing further is yet known of them.

Isaac’s fifth child, Isaac, was baptized in Stretton on 23 August 1716.  He was buried, apparently unmarried and still in Stretton, on 8 September 1790 – a ‘pauper’.

Isaac’s sixth child, John, was baptized in Stretton on 19 September 1718 and buried there on 7 September 1720;  and his seventh, Anne, was baptized on 8 March 1720/1 and buried on 3 January 1730.

Other generations will be added soon, including our nearest ancestor Mary White (1816-1883) who married my maternal grandmothers paternal grandfather, John Brain, in 1835.

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