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some notes by P John Partington

JOHN (c.1800 - aft. 1850) AND HIS FOREBEARS

There seem to have been several Waring families, presumably interrelated, living just south of Preston, Lancashire, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  They were Roman Catholics, and the little chapel of St Joseph in Brindle has records of their baptisms, marriages and burials.  The first whom we can recognize with confidence as an ancestor of ours is John, who married Catherine at Walton-le-Dale, and had at least six children:  James born in 1822, Eleanor (and Margaret?) in 1826, Thomas in 1833, Catherine in 1836 and Margaret in 1844.  The 1851 census records John as a “farmer of seventeen acres” living at Berry’s Farm in Brindle with his wife and family.  In 1861 & 1871 they were still there.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (c.1800 - aft. 1850)

John’s first child, James, was born in Walton le Dale in about 1818.  In 1851 he was lodging with his sister Eleanor & family in Brindle, unmarried and working as a hand-loom weaver.  Ten years later a James Waring, presumably the same person, was living two doors from John & Catherine, working as a “Silk & Worsted Weaver”.  With him was his wife Alice, and four-year old Ann and three-year old Catherine.

John’s second child, Eleanor, was born in Walton-le-Dale in 1823/4.  On 11 July 1847 she married John Ascroft Partington at St Bede’s Roman Catholic chapel in Clayton Green, Leyland.  They had at least seven children – Catherine in 1848/9, Thomas in 1850/1, Annie in 1852, Alice in 1856/7, William in 1857/8, Catherine T (or Susan?) in 1863/4 and John James A in 1870.  The 1851 census records John and Eleanor as living at Berry’s Cottage in Brindle (shared with the Berry & Cliffe families) with their baby son Thomas:  John is described as a farm labourer and Ellen as aged twenty-seven, born in Walton-le-Dale.  The following year they had a daughter, Annie.  By 1861 John and Ellen were living in Walton le Dale:  John was working as a groom, and Ellen as a housekeeper.  In  1871 John and Ellen were living at 1 Abbey Street, Preston:  John was now working as a “labourer in iron works”.  Ten years later John and Ellen were still in Preston, now at 29 Whittingham Street:   Catherine  and John were with them, and John was now working as a farm labourer.  By 1891 John had died;  Catherine was then living with her two youngest children at 2 Ashton Drive, Preston.

John’s third child, Thomas, was born in Walton-le-Dale in 1832/3.  In 1851 he was living at home, unmarried, working as a “hand-loom weaver”.

John’s fourth child, Catherine, was born in Walton-le-Dale in 1835/6.  In 1851 she was living at home, unmarried, working as a “hand-loom weaver”;  ten years later she was still there, a “Silk & Worsted Weaver”.  Also in the household was six-year old Joseph Waring, John & Catherine’s ‘grandson’ – and quite possibly therefore Catherine’s son.  Ten years later Joseph was still with his grandparents, working as an agricultural labourer.

John’s fifth child, Margaret, was born in Walton-le-Dale in 1843/4.  In 1851 she was at home with her family, a “scholar”;  ten years later she was still there, a “farmer’s daughter”.

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