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notes by P John Partington



JOSEPH POWELL  (1705 - 1784)

Our earliest known ‘Powell’ ancestor, Joseph, was born in Iron Acton in 1705.  On 18 August 1730 he married Hannah Clark.  They had at least three children:  Mary, born in about 1733;  Ann, born in 1734;  and Joseph, born in 1746 (details below).  Joseph senior died in 1784.



Joseph’s first child, Mary, was born in about 1733.  She married Moses Amos, by whom she had eight children:  Thomas, Mary, Hannah, Moses, Joseph, Sarah Powell, Grace and Anne (who married Isaac Isaac, and was the mother of Hannah who married Robert Bennett).

Joseph’s second child, Ann, was born in 1733.  On 11 May 1760 she married Robert Shipp in Yate.  The couple had five children:  Sarah baptized in 1761, William born in 1763, Daniel in 1767, Ann in 1773 and Joseph in 1776.  By his will of 1799 Robert’s lands and money went to his widow for her lifetime, and then to his sons.   Robert died in 1808 and was buried at Yate on 22 July.  Ann was buried in Yate on 23 April 1818, aged eighty-four.

Joseph’s third child, Joseph,
was born on 25 May 1746.  He married Mary Hawling, with whom he had three children:  another Joseph, born in 1787;  Elizabeth, born in 1790;  and Hannah, born in 1792 (details below).


THE CHILDREN OF JOSEPH  (1746 - aft. 1785)

Joseph’s first child, another Joseph, was born in 1787.  He married Susannah Neale (born in about 1787, the daughter of John and Nancy née Corbett), with whom he had nine children:  Hannah born in 1806, John in 1807, Joseph in 1809, Alban in 1811, Susan in 1813, Mary in 1815, Benjamin Neale in 1817, Robert in 1819 and Thomas in 1821 (details below).  Joseph died in 1825, and Susannah in October of that same year, in Wickwar, Glos.

Joseph’s second child, Elizabeth, was born in 1790, and his third, Hannah, in 1792.  Nothing further is yet known of them.



Joseph’s first child, Hannah, was born in Yate in 1806.  She married Peter Stinchcomb in 1837, in Bristol.  The couple lived in Old Sodbury, where they had five children:  Susannah Neale born in 1838, William John in 1840, Martin in 1845, Emma in 1849 and Sarah Ann (date unknown).  Hannah died on 7 June 1870, still in Old Sodbury, and Peter died there in May 1886.

Joseph’s second child, John, was born in 1807.  On 7 June 1834 in Cromhall he married Hannah Pick, with whom he had eight children:  Ann born in about 1835, Joseph in 1837, George in 1839, Elizabeth in 1841, Mary in 1843, John in 1845, Alfred in 1848 and Rosa in 1856 (details below).  In 1851 the census recorded John and Hannah in Wickwar:  John was an “agricultural labourer”.  In 1881 John, by now a widower, was still in Wickwar, in Sodbury Road – a ‘labourer’.

Joseph’s third child, Joseph, was born in Yate 1809.   He apparently died in June 1836.

Joseph’s fourth child, Alban, was baptized in Yate on 25 August 1811.  He married Hannah Rice, and had four children:  Mary born in 1843, William in 1847, Jane in 1850 and Emily in 1856 (details below).  The 1851 census recorded the family in Chipping Sodbury:  Alban was working as a shoemaker.  Thirty years later he was in Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury with Hannah, William and Emily, working as a bootmaker.

Joseph’s fifth child, Susan, was baptized in Yate on 11 July 1813.  Nothing further is known of her.

Joseph’s sixth child, Mary, was born in 1815.  On 4 February 1838 she married Joseph Cooper at Hawkesbury.  The couple had eight children:  Mary Ann born in 1838, Eliza in 1839, Marianne in about 1843, Emily Jane in about 1845, Anne in about 1849, two further children and Octavius Joseph in 1855.   Mary was widowed between 1871 and 1881, and in the latter year was living in Hawkesbury with her youngest son.

Joseph’s seventh child, Benjamin Neale, was born in 1817.   He died in 1825.

Joseph’s eighth child, Robert, was baptized in Wickwar on 12 September 1819.  He married Mary (surname unknown, born in about 1824 in Wickwar) and had four children:  Ann born in 1842, George in 1844, Thomas in 1848 and Charles in 1850.  The 1851 census recorded the family in Wickwar, and thirty years later Robert was still there, in Back Street, working as a labourer.

Joseph’s ninth child, Thomas, was baptized in Wickwar on 19 January 1821.  He is probably the Thomas recorded by the 1881 census in Stone with wife Hannah and seventeen-year old grandson John.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (1807 - aft. 1880)

John’s first child, Ann, was born in about 1835.  The 1841 and 1851 censuses recorded her at home with her family.  Nothing further is known of her.

John’s second child, Joseph, was born in 1837.  He married Elizabeth White on 9 July 1868 in Thornbury and had at least four children:  Frederick Joseph born in 1870, Albert C in 1872, Gertrude in 1873 and Edward E in 1879 (details below).  Elizabeth died in Wickwar on 2 April 1906.

John’s third child, George, was born in 1839.  The 1851 census records him with his family, but nothing further is known of him.

John’s fourth child, Elizabeth, was born in about 1841.   On 19 December 1864 she married George Room, by whom she had nine children:   William James in 1865, Ada in 1869, George Henry in 1871, Alice Elizabeth in 1873, another Alice Elizabeth (the first having died in infancy) in 1874, Rosa in 1876, Albert J in about 1878, Arthur in about 1879, and Walter Harold in 1883.  In 1881 the family was living at 1 Camden Terrace, Redcliffe, Bristol.

John’s fifth child, Mary, was born in about 1843.  The 1851 census recorded her at home with her family.  On 2 April 1867 she married Lewis Lovell.

John’s sixth child, John, was born in Wickwar in about 1845.  The 1881 census recorded him at Kingswood with wife Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) and three children: Thomas I born in 1870, Francis W in 1876 and Blanche in 1880;  he was working as a “labourer at Engine Works”.  Twenty years later he was still there, a “driller in Iron Works”.

John’s seventh child, Alfred, was born in 1848.  The 1851 census recorded him at home with his family, but nothing further is known of him.

John’s eighth child, Rosa, was born in about 1856.   The 1881 census recorded her as a housemaid, working in Weston-super-Mare.  On 11 December 1883, in Wickwar, she married George Lord, by whom she had four children:   Edith Emmeline born in 1885 (who married William Isaac, son of Augustus William and Esther née Bennett), Mildred R in about 1887, Florence E in 1890, and William in 1898.  In 1901 she was in Lydney, Glos, with her husband and family.



Joseph’s first child, Frederick Joseph, was born in Thornbury on 9 September 1869.  He left Wickwar and in 1893 married Annie Maria Haines from Gloucester.  They moved to Cardiff and had five children – Gertrude Annie, born in 1893, Audrey, Nellie, Thomas and William Joseph Charles, born in 1895.

Joseph’s second child, Albert C, was born in 1872.  He married Clarissa (surname unknown) and died in Wickwar on 19 July 1911.

Joseph’s third child, Gertrude, was born in 1873;  and his fourth, Edward E, in 1879.  Nothing further is yet known of them.


THE CHILDREN OF ALBAN  (1811 - aft. 1880)

Alban’s first child, Mary, was born in Chipping Sodbury in1843.  In 1851 she was at home there with her family, a ‘scholar’.

Alban’s second child, William R, was born in 1847.  In 1851 he was at home there with his family, a ‘scholar’.  Thirty years later he was still unmarried and living at home, working as a “bootmaker and milkman”.

Alban’s third child, Jane, was born in 1850.  The following year’s census recorded her at home with her family, but nothing further is known of her.

Alban’s fourth child, Emily, was born in 1856.  In 1881 she was living with her family in Chipping Sodbury, working as a dressmaker.


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