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Have you ever been to Partington, one of Manchester’s less attractive suburbs?  A friend of ours is a surgeon at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and he tells me that most of the patients he sees from there are victims of stabbings.  I don’t know if that’s true or not:  but you can decide for yourself by looking at a local guide – one of whose entries for the neighbourhood reads:  “Shopping centre:  Where the young yobs hang out smoking weed and drinking”.

An altogether more attractive-sounding place is Partington Creek in California, which “frolics rambunctiously around huge boulders, pools, rapids and cascades”.  It’s named after one John Partington, who built a tunnel through the cliff there to allow mule-trains to reach the beach with cargo for his ships.

‘Partington’ as a surname crops up all over the place.  Have you come across the American landscape painter Richard Langtry Partington (1868-1929)?  Or, still in the States, Penhallow Shillaber’s comic writings (which inspired the young Mark Twain):  “The Life and Sayings of Mrs. Partington and Others of the Family”?.

Plenty of Partingtons alive today have left their mark on the web:

One of the most entertaining web-sites I’ve ever come across is that of the Leeds mathematician Jonathan Partington.   Whereas an example of how not to do the same thing is provided by Amsterdam-based computer-programmer Vincent Partington.

Do you know about ‘blogging’ – the practice of writing ‘web-logs’ (electronic diaries for all & sundry to read)?  A good example is being maintained by George Partington in the States, a liberal voice in what can sometimes seem a very illiberal society.

Christians, of all varieties, seem to get everywhere on the web.  I’m sometimes mistaken for a namesake of mine, John Partington, who is minister of Dawlish New Life Church.  If you want to find out why I’m not flattered by the comparison, you could try listening to this.

Another John Partington has the laudable intention of creating a web-space for all the Partingtons in the world – nothing like being ambitious!

Nothing specifically genealogical here for you, I’m afraid:  but there’s a wealth of general family history sites on the web to help you with your Partington researches if you care to try them.

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