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notes by P John Partington


WILLIAM MASON  (c. 1794 - 1845)

William Mason was born in 1794/5.  On 1 September 1825 he married Esther Deavoll Kimbell at Edgbaston.  They had four children:  Emily, born in Birmingham in 1826, William in about 1829, Alfred in about 1831 and Louisa Catherine in about 1843 – the last three all in Kingsbury, where William was schoolmaster.  In 1841 William & Esther were living in Kingsbury, with (amongst others) son Alfred and seventy-three year old Mary Kimbell.  William died in January 1845, being buried on the 30th.  The 1851 census records Esther as still schoolmistress in Kingsbury, while ten years later she was living with her recently-widowed daughter Emily (Kimberlin) and family in Nether Whitacre.  She died on 4 May 1870, being buried at Kingsbury


 THE CHILDREN OF WILLIAM  (c. 1794 - 1845)

William’s first child, Emily, was born in Birmingham in 1826.  In 1851 the census records her living in Kingsbury with her family, and on 26 April of that year she married Charles Kimberlin at Stt Peter & Paul, Aston in Birmingham – the register has him as a tailor resident in Aston Manor.  The couple moved to Nether Whitacre, where they had four children, Mary Elizabeth born in 1852, Emily in 1853, Thomas in 1857/8 and Charles in 1859.  Charles died at “twenty to eight” on 18 April 1860, and was buried four days later in the churchyard at Nether Whitacre;  there was no will.  The 1861 census recorded Emily as a ‘sempstress’.  On 23 May 1865 she married a sixty-one year old widower, Joseph Black, by whom she had a daughter, Minnie, the following year.  In 1871 and 1881 she was recorded in Nether Whitacre with Joseph & Minnie.  Joseph died on 7 June 1888.  Emily herself died on 4 March 1916 at 35 Hill Street, Hinckley, and was buried with her first husband Charles at Nether Whitacre.

William’s second child, William, was baptized at Kingsbury on 8 April 1829.   He died in 1832.

William’s third child, Alfred, was baptized at Kingsbury on 1 May 1831.  Ten years later he was recorded living with his parents in the village.

William’s fourth child, Louisa Catherine, was baptized at Kingsbury on 28 August 1843.  In 1851 she was living with her mother and eldest sister in the village.


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