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ROBERT BLOOD  (c.1570 - 1646)

Our earliest known ‘Blood’ ancestor is Robert, who baptized a son, Richard, in Tamworth on 28 February 1629.  He died on 16 September 1646.

THE CHILDREN OF ROBERT  (c.1570 - 1646)

Robert’s son Richard was born on 22 February 1629 in Tamworth, and baptized there six days later.  He married Johanna Vaughton on 19 August 1662, still in Tamworth.  They had nine children:  John baptized in 1663, Robert in 1665, Thomas in 1667, Johanna born in about 1670, Elizabeth baptized in 1672, Anne in 1674, Joseph born in about 1676, Mary baptized in 1678 and Benjamin in 1682 (details below).  Richard was buried in Tamworth on 14 January 1705.


Richard’s first child, John, was baptized in Tamworth on 21 July 1663.  He had six children:  Sarah born in about 1697, Robert in about 1699, Richard in about 1701, Anne in about 1703, John in about 1705 and Johanna in about 1707 (details below).  John died, still in Tamworth, in 1744.

Richard’s second child, Robert, was baptized at Tamworth on 20 January 1665, and was buried there on 19 June 1695.

Richard’s third child, Johanna, was born in about 1670.  She married Benjamin Mitchell, by whom she had three children:  Joseph born in about 1703, Elizabeth in about 1705 and Mary in about 1707.

Richard’s fourth child, Thomas, was baptized in Tamworth on 27 April 1667.  He had three children:  Mary born in about 1693, Elizabeth in about 1695 and Thomas in about 1697.

Richard’s fifth child, Elizabeth, was baptized in Tamworth on 28 April 1672.  On 4 March 1692 she married Enoch Mousley at Tamworth.  Elizabeth and Enoch had four children:  Thomas born in about 1695, John in about 1696, Benjamin in about 1696 and Samuel in about 1701.  Elizabeth was widowed at some point and subsequently married a Mr Shepard;  she herself was dead by 1724.

Richard’s sixth child, Anne, was baptized at Tamworth on 12 June 1674.  She married William Secundus Harding, by whom she had two children:  Anne born in about 1701 and William in about 1703.

Richard’s seventh child, Joseph, was born in about 1676.  Nothing further is known of him at present.

Richard’s eighth child, Mary, was baptized in Tamworth on 13 February 1679.  On 14 November 1705 she married Arthur Alcock, by whom she had three children:  Johanna born in about 1713, Anne and Sarah.

Richard’s ninth child, Benjamin, was baptized at Tamworth on 5 June 1682 and buried there on 2 June nine years later.


THE CHILDREN OF JOHN  (1663 - 1744)

Most details of John’s children are still unclear, though it seems probably that he had six – Sarah born in about 1697, Robert in about 1699, Richard in about 1701, Anne in about 1703, John in about 1705 and Johanna in about 1707 .

Of these, I know most about John, who was born in Tamworth in about 1705.  He married Catherine Rice, and had five children [details to follow here in due course].  He died, still in Tamworth, in 1774, being buried at St Editha’s on 20 March.


There are suggestions, eg at, that Robert Blood (above) was the son of Edmund (1540-1588) of Makeney House, Duffield, Derbyshire.  That pedigree runs as follows:

Edmund Blood was born in 1540. He married Margaret (surname unknown), and died in 1588.  They had children:  Edmund, born in 1568, Thomas, born in about 1659, William, born in about 1570 and Robert (above, page 1). He died in 1588.

    Edmund’s son Edmund was born in 1568.  He had four sons:  Edmund, born in about 1596 and died in 1615;  Neptune, born in about 1596;  Thomas born in 1598;  and William, born in 1600.  He died in 1640.

        Edmund’s son Neptune was born in about 1596.  He married Elizabeth Lone (or Love) and had children:  Edmund born in 1639, Thomas in 1640, Peregrine, Neptune and Henry.  Elizabeth died in about 1644, aged about twenty-two;  Neptune became Dean of Kilfenora Cathedral and died in 1692.

            Neptune’s son Edmund married Deborah Blood (see below) and had four children:  Neptune, Thomas, Elizabeth Charlotte and Harriet.

                Edmund’s son Neptune married Elizabeth Maghlin and had three children:  Edward Maghlin, Neptune and Beatrice.  He died in 1802 and Elizabeth in 1805.
                    Neptune’s son Edward Maghlin married Frances Roche, who died in 1833;  he died in 1842.

                Neptune’s son Neptune married Bridget Roche, who died in 1793;  he died in 1822.

                Edmund’s daughter Elizabeth Charlotte married George Roche and had four children:  Elizabeth, George Tierney, Charlotte and Henrietta.  George died in 1836.

                Edmund’s daughter Harriet married a Mr Shepheard.

            Neptune’s son Thomas was born in 1640.  He married ? Davies, and had children Thomas, Neptune, Edmund, Mark, William, Matthew born in 1675, and Deborah.

                Thomas’ son Thomas married Elizabeth Greene and had children William born in 1720, Thomas, Anthony, Anne, Edmund and Mary Katherine.  Thomas died on 12 July 1730 and Elizabeth in 1750.

                    Thomas’ son William was born in 1720.  He married Ann Chadwick and had a son, William in 1749.  He died, “Old Will of Roxton, High Sheriff in 1750”, in 1791.

                        William’s son William was born in 1749.  Colonel William Blood was “Young Will of Roxton, High Sheriff in 1774”.  He had a son, Bindon, in 1775, and died in 1784.

                            William’s son Bindon was born in 1775.  Known as ‘The Vampire’, he was High Sheriff in 1819, married three times and fathered sixteen children.  He died in 1855.

                    Thomas’ son Thomas died in July 1741;  his daughter Anne married William Adams, who died in 1748;  his daughter Mary Katherine married Samuel Greene, who died on 25 April 1733 aged about sixty.

                Thomas’ son Neptune married Alice Scott and died on 25 November 1744;  his (Thomas’) son Edmund had a son, Thomas.

                Thomas’ son Mark had three children:  Neptune, who married ? O’Neill;  Margaret who married Henry Greene;  and [name unknown] who married J O’Donnell.  One of Mark’s children had a son, whose daughter Elizabeth Deborah married George Blood (below).  Mark died on 24 December 1751.

                Thomas’ son William married ? Gibbs and had a son William who married Anne Blood (see below).

                Thomas’ son Matthew was born in 1675.  He married Elizabeth Lucas and had children John born in 1720, Matthew in 1730, George, Abigail and Hannah.  He died on 29 September 1760 and Elizabeth in 1780, aged more than a hundred.

                    Matthew’s son John was born in 1720, married Elizabeth FitzGerald and had a son, Neptune.  Known as ‘Bacon Blood’ “for his fondness for bacon, which he accepted from tenants in lieu of rent”, he died on 16 January 1799.

                        John’s son Neptune went by the nickname of ‘The Copper Captain’ because of the colour of his hair.  He died in 1815.  (He was “the grandfather of John Blood (1849-1912) and  Joseph Fitzgerald Blood (b.1853), and great-grandfather of Major General Sir Bindon Blood (b.1842)”.

                    Matthew’s son Matthew was born in 1730, married Caroline Roe.  They had at least two children:  Frances (‘Fanny’), born in 1758 and died in 1785, and George, born in 1762.  Caroline and the children were friends of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797).  Matthew died on 28 August 1794; Caroline died in 1805, aged about seventy-five.

                        Matthew’s son George was born in 1762.  He married a cousin, Elizabeth Deborah Blood (see above) and had several children, including William born in 1805 and John Lloyd in 1814..  He was employed by the Associated Irish Mine Company as Secretary and Accountant (1794-1812), and died in 1844.

                            George’s son William was born in 1805.  He was Secretary of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce between 1864 and 1884.  He had at least three children, including George Edmund, born in 1845.  He died in 1894.

                                William’s son George Edmund was born in 1845.  With Joseph & Francis Holman he was director of ‘Blood, Holman & Company Ltd’, 9-10 King Street, Bristol, Grain Brokers.  He married Kate Eleanor Nolan and had three children:  Maurice born in 1870, Frances Edith in 1871 and Bessie in 1873 (died in 1879).  Kate died in 1897.

                                    George Edmund’s son Maurice was born in 1870.  He married Roberta Harriet Jones, and had three sons:  John Neptune born in 1897, Robert Bindon in 1901 (died in 1958), and Patrick Maurice, who died at birth in 1912.

                            George’s son John Lloyd was born in 1814.  Dying in 1894, he was great-grandfather of Wendy Lloyd Blood, born in 1915.

                    Matthew’s daughter Abigail married Robert Greene, who died in 1752, and then Joseph Adams, who died in 1790;  his daughter Hannah was married to John Constantine and William Brampton.

                Thomas’s daughter Deborah married Edmund Blood (see above) and had children Neptune, Thomas, Elizabeth Charlotte and Harriet.

            Neptune’s son Neptune married Isabella Pullen and had three children:  Samuel, George and Vesey.  He died on 30 March 1716.

                Neptune’s son Samuel married Laura Verling and had two children:  William and Isabella, who married Thomas Vero.

                Neptune’s son George had two children:  Richard and Anne, who married William Blood (see above).

        Edmund’s son Thomas was born in 1598.  He had two sons:  James, born in 1605/6 and Thomas, born in 1628.  He died in 1645.

            Thomas’ son James  was born in 1605/6.  He married Eleanor Harrison and had a daughter, Mary, who married Simon Davis.  Eleanor died on 1 August 1674 and James on 17 September 1683.

            Thomas’ son Thomas was born in about 1624.  He married Mary Holdcroft and had seven children:  Thomas born in 1651, William, Holcroft, born in about 1656, Charles, Edmund, who died in 1679, Mary and Elizabeth.  The “notorious Colonel Thomas Blood” died in 1680.

                Thomas’ son Thomas was born in 1651.  He married Frances DeLafaye and had a son Edmund who married Jane (surname unknown).  He died in 1675.

                Thomas’ son Holcroft was born in about 1656.  He married Elizabeth (surname unknown) and then Dorothy Cooke, with whom he had a son, also named Holcroft, who died in 1724.  Brigadier-General Holcroft died on 19 August 1707.

                Thomas’ daughter Mary married a Mr Corbett and his daughter Elizabeth married Edward Everard.

        Edmund’s son William was born in 1600.  He married Margery Row and had a son, Edmund.

            William’s son Edmund had six sons:  William, John, Richard, Edmund, Holcroft and Charles.

                Edmund’s son William married Mary Robins and had three sons:  Thomas, who died in 1767, Edmund and Richard, born in 1736.

                    William’s son Richard was born in 1736.  He married Ruth Jones and died on 14 September 1772.

                Edmund’s son John had two sons, William and Edmund.

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