A GDMC short course of six sessions, led by Rev John Partington – with the assistance of Rev Charles Lawrence and others – exploring the theology, history and contemporary practice of Anglican priesthood.  8.00 pm at Tormead School, Guildford.

The later part of the course will evolve in the light of participants’ needs and interests.  A broad summary is as follows:


May 12 Biblical Roots Personal introductions and course overview; followed by an exploration of priesthood, and presbyterate, in the Old Testament, in the person of Christ and in the Apostolic writings.
May 19 Church History The development of priesthood/presbyterate, including: in the early church, before and during the Reformation, and in the nineteenth century. Followed by a detailed consideration of issues in the last century, including the ordination of women.
June 2 Leadership Categories of priesthood, the priest as leader, including presidency at the Eucharist
June 9 Holiness The priest as icon of Christ; prayer, holiness, sacrifice.
June 16 Proclamation Including reconciliation and blessing; also some reflection on priestly formation.
June 23 Prophecy The priest as prophet, and as a public figure more generally; also some thoughts on the emerging future.


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It would be helpful if you could have read Being a Priest Today by Cocksworth & Brown (SCM / Canterbury). Other background reading is suggested below.  Just as importantly, please spend an hour in reflection on what priesthood means to you:  how the terminology resonates for you, and what you look for, both instinctively and on mature reflection, in a priest – including, where appropriate, in your own present or future ministry. Write some notes on the results of your reflection.



Suggested Further Reading


The recommended book for this course is:

    Cocksworth & Brown    Being a Priest Today   (SCM / Canterbury)


Other current or recent books are:

    Croft, Steven                 Ministry in Three Dimensions (DLT)

    Fuller, John (ed.)           Working for the Kingdom (SPCK)

    Green, Michael              Freed to Serve (Hodder)

    Greenwood, Robin        Transforming Priesthood (SPCK)

    Guiver, George (ed.)     The Fire & the Clay (SPCK)

    ditto                               Priests in a People’s Church (SPCK)

    Legood, Giles                Chaplaincy:   the Church’s Sector Ministries (Cassell)

    Mason, Kenneth             Priesthood and Society (SCM / Canterbury)

    Ramsey, Michael             The Christian Priest Today (SPCK)


Some of the best books were written centuries ago:

    Baxter, Richard                The Reformed Pastor

    Herbert, George               A Priest to the Temple


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