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Donkey-Post in Bosnia

Donkey-Post in Bosnia

To an extent, I tend to collect stamps as a jackdaw collects trinkets:  anything unusual which catches my eye.  But, a little more seriously, I have an interest in illustrating political change through the medium of stamps:  for example the break-up of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of the Great War.

British Occupation of Iraq

A Previous British Invasion of Iraq

In this my particular interest is the ebb & flow of history in the former Yugoslavia, above all in Bosnia, an ethno-political cauldron which I visit occasionally and where I have formed a number of friendships.  To see the first page of my collection of Bosnian stamps, click here.

Hitler defaced

An Austrian Postman’s verdict on Hitler

Beyond that I enjoy classic-era stamps from almost anywhere:  the lithographic design of them is a pleasure ęsthetically.  If they’re from Europe, or have evidently been conveyed by train or steamship, so much the better.

I also occasionally sell a few stamps locally, and to gullible friends, trading under the name of “Stamps Direct”.   Can I interest you?



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