- 1878

Bosnia-Herzegovina came under Turkish control in the fifteenth century, and remained part of the Ottoman Empire until 1878. Stamps of the Ottoman Empire were used from 1863.


1863-1878 Various issues (imperf & perf, many values)


 Bosnia 1863 - 1878




1878 - 1908


After the Russo-Turkish war, the Congress of Berlin (1878) laid down that Bosnia & Herzegovina should remain under Turkish suzerainty. Austria-Hungary, however, could occupy them and maintain a garrison.

The occupation was achieved only by the use of force against large numbers of insurgents as well as Turks, with the result that for several months the mail service was restricted to the military field-post.

On 9 January 1879 the service was partially opened to civilian use, employing Austrian and Hungarian stamps until the issue of the first stamps for Bosnia & Herzegovina on 1 July 1879.


 1879-1900 Nine values (with a variety of perforations etc, about 150 different stamps in all)


Bosnia 1879 - 1900


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