German farmers have been scaring off a plague of wild boars by playing Britney Spears records.
   The pigs can
t be shot because theyre a protected species.
    Farmer Herrmann-Josef Becker decided music was the only way to drive them away.
    He said: 
When I switch on Oops! ... I Did It Again, or Im Not That Innocent, the pigs come snorting out and running for the woods. 
                                23 October 2001

Have you discovered Pigs in the News yet?  A porker of a site, and it’s hard to recommend it too highly – if you’re interested in pigs in the news, that is.


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Why did the pig cross the road?

If you’re tired of life you can play Pass the Pigs on-line.


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Sam is six years old and lives in Wales.  He writes:  “I like farm animals and tractors, so with the help of my mum, I have made a website about them.  I chose the pictures and wrote most of the words myself.”  His page of pigs is here.


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