You’ll have your own preferred ways of learning about, and trying to help, the poor.  But perhaps some of these will interest you.

A couple of years ago, our family was keenly interested in the Jubilee 2000 campaign to forgive poorer countries’ debt.  That campaign has evolved into the continuing work done by Jubilee Research, whose site is well worth a visit.

There are many Relief & Development Agencies to choose from.  I particularly like Tear Fund’s policy of working through local churches.  It’s usually very effective at getting aid close to the needs which they’re trying to meet.

Other general One World info is available on the web – just follow the link!

Something else that seems very deserving of our support is the work of Amnesty International.  They campaign to publicize, and halt, abuses of human rights throughout the world.

Did you know that easy tax-efficient giving to any charity is provided by the Charities Aid Foundation?  Open an account with them, the government gives back the tax you’ve paid on it – and you can then give donations from it, by cheque or card, to any charitable organization (including your local church) that you choose.


Surely our own lifestyles are implicated in the state of the world today:

We could always try buying less, or driving less.


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